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Global player buys DPRK only JV bank
Sinuiju - The Death of Kim's Dream
Will a natural gas pipeline from Sakhalin replace the KEDO project?
DPRK oil and gas reserves, Sovereign Ventures explores the Northeast
Connecting the Trans-Korean railway will allow a Trans-Asian 'Iron Silkroad' to Europe - through Russia and China
Unresolved maritime border continues to cause Inter-Korean tensions (NLL)
DPRK GNP and trade data
UN OCHA requests US$221m for aid to DPRK in 2004 (CAP)
Executive Director wants to continue even if Light Water Reactor project is terminated
IAEA refers DPRK's non-compliance with Safeguards Agreement to UNSC
DPRK claims IAEA is interfering in internal affairs after NPT withdrawal
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Status of the nuclear issue

Pyongyang suspends participation in the 6-way talks after US remarks.
DPRK declares it has nuclear weapons, as deterent for self-defence.

Recent headlines the site has not been updated since early 2005
DPRK withdraws from 6-way talks and says it has produced nukes.
Chinese envoy says Kim Jong Il willing to return to 6-way talks.
China, Russia, EU, UN urge DPRK to return to the 6-way talks.

DPRK rejects Japanese claims on DNA test of abductee remains.
Japan's Koizumi cautious about applying sanctions; first dialogue.
Japan beats DPRK 2-1 in qualifying match for soccer World Cup 2006.
South Korean ExpImp bank publishes guidebook for Kaesong Park.
Seoul decides to recognise South Kor. companies' assets in DPRK.
Kaesong Industrial Park producing first goods with DPRK labour.
South Korea wants to complete eastern railway connection to DPRK.
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original artwork from the DPRK
PY2 email
DPRK economic projects
Rajin-Sonbong Economic and Trade Zone no success after 13 years

Sinuiju Special Administrative Region - finally China supports

Kaesong Industrial Park - cheap labour for South, started Dec 2004
Kumgangsan Tourism Zone - 5th anniversary of Hyundai tours
Economic reforms Pyongyang Int'l trade fair delayed again
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